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srsly only Canines ♥
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•Welcome by Snow-Body, addicted to DBZ

► No, my space pod! My space armor! ►
◄ We get it, you're from space! ◄


▲ A R T W O R K S ▲

Feel free to stalk my gallery
But do not use my art without my permission
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ICE-QUEEN by Snow-Body
~random artwork~

Idols & Inspiring
Heaven & Hell


Because he was meant to be unimposing, just like Whis
There’s a difference between being unimposing and being a joke. Freeza is unimposing, but he still carries an air of danger about him. Beers, on the other hand, can be bribed with food and takes cat naps. Freeza shoots children through the brain, Beers loses his shit over pudding.

You can have an unimposing design and still have a grand presence(the goal for an antagonist). Beers, on the other hand, comes off like a misbehaved child who needed more spankings growing up. Furthermore, his attacks and moves just aren’t that interesting. They’re all generic, barring the chopsticks scene. Freeza had his Death Saucers, Death Beam, and tail, Cell was a fusion of fighting styles, Boo was a fusion of fighting styles and had his head tentacle and chocolate beam, Beers just has generic ki attacks and a few kicks and strikes.

♥ Freeza-Bae ♥

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S n o w | Snu Snu
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art | Germany
▲ Canines ▼ Dragonball ▲ Yaoi ▼ Yuri ▲ Anthro ▼ Art ▲
HeyHo, feel free to talk with me or spam my profile with useless shit, but no spam/chain letters or such things. I'm someone who draws mostly Canines aka Wolves,kinda.. but now also much DBZ fan-art. I really love Dragonball but also Bayonetta and Assassin's Creed. ~ I'm here because here exists people who love the same shit as me, yeah! Must say i'm not very good at small talk, so forgive me, i'm not the best talking partner. ~ Anyway hope you enjoy ♥

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+ Snows no daily NEWS III 4.6.15 - last update

I wanna drown, ok no. Just a fucking break, one year long just doing what i want, endless sleeps... .oh god pls 💖 |D
ด็็็็็้้้้้็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้༼◉ ͜ʖ ◉༽ด็็็็็้้้้้็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้


▼ How long can you stare on it? ▼

~ I guess i should start with what i won't do when i become immortal... die ~

Vegeta: That's it! Everyone dies! Say goodbye to your planet Kakarot!
Goku: Well that's not very nice.
~Fact is: I don't really care~


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HowlMoon456 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Can u make me an OC? Here are 5 quick sentences.

1. My OC must be a blue wolf with light blue markings
2. Female
3. My OC must have a skateboard
4. Please make the tail fluffy
5. Lots of fireflys in the air pls

DarkWolfArtist Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
my o my it has been so long since I've talked to you (and been active lol))
Fynigan Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jetzt bist du der inaktive Sack xD
DisturbedDragon2000 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Student General Artist
woah how did u get that premium?????
Cut-Throat-The-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't seen your artwork in forever, your really improving! 
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